The Facebook Ads Club

An exclusive membership for Facebook advertisers

The Facebook Ads Club is an exclusive membership for Facebook advertisers. It includes access to the following:

  • Fortnightly training on Facebook advertising fundamentals, how-to's and best practices we use at the agency
  • Q&A at the end of each training to get specific advice and suggestions on your campaigns
  • Training replays available to watch in the hub in case you miss a live event + access to all of the previous trainings
  • Private Facebook group for community support and to get your questions answered outside of the live trainings

Only £67 per month

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"The live walk-throughs in Ads Manager are amazing. Charlie makes it simple to understand and follow along. If you are serious about using Facebook advertising to grow your business you need to be in The Facebook Ads Club."

What To Expect From The Facebook Ads Club

Fortnightly live training on Wednesdays at 2pm GMT

Each training is divided into two parts:

PART 1: is where we dive deep into at a particular Facebook advertising topic. You'll learn first hand the latest strategies, how-to's and best practices we use at the agency. This is hands on implementation not just theory!

PART 2: of the training is an open Q&A where you can ask me anything about Facebook advertising and get specific advice and feedback on your own campaigns.

The next training is:

Wednesday 28th March at 2pm GMT - Building Lookalike Audiences [PART 2]

Training Replays Available to Watch Now in The Facebook Ads Club Hub

"Timely, in-depth and supportive. A must group for anyone who wants to succeed with Facebook advertising."

Is The Facebook Ads Club right for you?

The Facebook Ads Club is my private membership, providing limitless value to a community of new Facebook advertisers. As valuable as this community is, it’s not for everyone. In fact, in order to keep it valuable it’s important that only those who can get the most out of it join.

The Facebook Ads Clubs Is PERFECT For You If…

1. You strive to become a more knowledgeable and successful Facebook advertiser. At minimum, you’ve boosted some of your page posts. You may have even created full campaigns in Ads Manager.

2. You are an ethical marketer who always plays within the rules. You have no desire to trick the system. You just want to do it the right way.

3. You learn best in a “real-time” environment. When you enter The Facebook Ads Clubs, it isn’t structured like a training course. You learn from the fortnightly webinars and the live Q&As. Those who favour this learning format thrive!

The Facebook Ads Clubs Is NOT For You If…

If any of the following statements reflect you or your intentions, The Facebook Ads Club is not right for you…

1. You want to find ways to scrape IDs or do other shady things. Our community will share tips and strategies for marketing on Facebook the right way, without looking for ways to game the system. If you want tricks, you need to look elsewhere.

2. Your business does not have a website. If your business does not have a website, you’re not ready for The Facebook Ads Club. There is so much waiting for you once you actually have a working website, which you can then send targeted traffic to.

3. You're looking for a "silver bullet" course. Facebook advertising is too fluid for a course. Things are constantly changing, and any course created today will be irrelevant six months from now. Training in The Facebook Ads Club is “real-time” through the fortnightly webinars and live Q&As. If you learn best through courses, you should look elsewhere.

Join The Facebook Ads Club for only £67 per month

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(SAVE 50% when you pay annually)

"The Facebook Ads Club is a great option even if you don't have a clue about Facebooks ads! Charlie goes step by step explaining the ALL Framework in a very easy to understand way."

Training with Charlie Lawrance

Founder & CEO of Gecko Squared

Charlie Lawrance is an advertising strategist, blogger, speaker and founder of digital marketing agency Gecko Squared.

Charlie is the chief strategist, working closely with our clients to develop bespoke advertising strategies and implementing them through Facebook advertising and paid search.

We do it better than anyone else in the world because of  our “ALL” framework – our proprietary advertising funnel developed based on the amalgamation of Facebook user behaviour and direct response remarketing.

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Join The Facebook Ads Club for only £67 per month

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(SAVE 50% when you pay annually)

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