The Facebook Ads Club Pricing Plans

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  • Hub access to watch 26 trainings on-demand
  • Private Facebook group for community support
  • 15-minute starter success call with Charlie Lawrance
  • 55-minute consulting session with Charlie Lawrance per month

"The live walk-throughs in Ads Manager are amazing. Charlie makes it simple to understand and follow along. If you are serious about using Facebook advertising to grow your business you need to be in The Facebook Ads Club."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - Is The Facebook Ads Club designed for product or service based businesses?

It's designed for both.

The great thing about the ALL Framework is that it works across industries. The vast majority of our members fall into two categories however: Product/eCommerce businesses and Service/Local businesses.

Trainings in The Facebook Ads Club are designed with both types in mind, with examples and walk-throughs for each type.


Q2 - What if I've already run Facebook ad campaigns?


The Facebook Ads Club will take your skills and knowledge to the next level, by teaching you how to setup, implement and manage the ALL Framework in your business.

Whether you've never run a Facebook ad campaign before or are already split-testing Ad Sets in Ads Manager, you're sure to find value from the trainings.


Q3 - Do the trainings cover the latest updates and changes to the ad platform?

Absolutely. Facebook is continually adding new features and removing existing ones. In The Facebook Ads Club you'll be ahead of the curve, learning in a "real-time" environment.

The existing trainings are updated regularly and new ones added based on the changes to the ad platform.


Q4 - What is the starter success call with Charlie?

As an Elite member, the starter success call is a 15-minte personal on-boarding call with Charlie, where he can learn more about your business and guide you in the right direction on where to start with the ALL Framework.

It also builds the foundation for your monthly consulting sessions.


Q5 - How do we book the consulting sessions with Charlie?

If you are an Elite member, every month you'll get access to a 55 minute, 1-on-1 consulting session with Charlie.

It can cover whatever you need help with, the agenda is completely up to you.

Session are conducted over Zoom conferencing so you can screen-share your ad account with Charlie and get tailored advice.

At the start of every month you'll be sent a link to schedule that months consulting session.

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