Apply Now - Facebook Ads Strategy Session with Charlie Lawrance

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NOTE: Sessions are only available to business owners in the UK and we don't work with multi-level marketing (MLM) companies

Session times are based on GMT (UK) time zone

Here's a reminder of what we'll cover

During the strategy session we'll analyse your business and assess multiple proven campaign strategies to use in the ALL framework that could include:

  • Content first strategy advertising valuable free content to your ideal customers (either videos, guides, quiz etc), building a retargeting audience of the people who have engaged with your content and then retargeting them with your core offer (direct response).
  • Awareness strategy similar to the content first strategy but you target your existing audience instead of a new "cold" audience. These campaigns are great to maintain "Top of mind" where your company is consistently in front of your customers.
  • Integrated strategy to engage people on your email list. Running Facebook ads alongside your email marketing is twice as effective as not only do they see your message in their inbox but also when they browse Facebook.
  • Upsell strategy similar to the integrated strategy you can run upsell or cross-sell campaigns to increase your revenue per customer.
  • Retargeting strategy with the placement of the Facebook Pixel on your website you can target your campaigns to people that have recently visited your website.

"Gecko Squared's skill, passion and patience are remarkable. Charlie and the team listen carefully to what I want until they really understand my slightly-unusual products and services and the interesting mix of people who buy them, and then are proactive in suggesting new ways of using Facebook advertising to increase revenue.

They provide a personal and professional service. I would recommend them to anyone looking to succeed with Facebook advertising."

Judy Rees